Seattle Drivers: One of the worst

Car accidents are not uncommon in Seattle. In fact, most of us see them every day on our daily commute to work. Unfortunately, car accidents have become part of Seattle driving. The rate of accidents have become so bad in recent years that Seattle now ranks a pathetic 184th among 200 U.S. cities in ones ability to avoid crashing into one another.

For over 20 years of keeping this data, this year’s ranking marks Seattle’s worst performance ever. We have dropped to the bottom 20 cities, down from 173rd last year.

Have Seattle drivers ever been good for one year? Our best year was in 2010, when Seattle ranked 128th out of 200.

Data from Allstate Insurance claims that current Seattle drivers go just 6.9 years between car accidents, and are 40.7% more likely to get in an accident than the average American driver.

Seattle is not the only Washington city in the mix. Bellevue, almost just as bad, ranks 174th out of 200 for avoiding car accidents, and lasts a mere average 7.1 years between car accidents. Overall, both Seattle and Bellevue rank in the bottom 15th percentile for collisions. Below Seattle and Bellevue include Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Gelndale (CA), Providence (RI), Springfield (MA), Washington (D.C.), Baltimore, Worcester (MA), and Boston (at the bottom). The safest city to drive in is Kansas City, averaging 13.3 years between accidents. Below Kansas city include Brownsville (TX) (~13.2 years), and Boise (13.1 years) respectively. The safest northwest cities to drive in include Biose, Eugene, Spokane and Vancouver. The most dangerous in the northwest are Salem, Tacoma, Bellevue, Portland, and Seattle. Unfortunately, Boston remains the most dangerous city to drive in the nation, where a motorist averages 3.9 years before a crash.

As a result of this data, it is important that you are properly insured with a suitable auto insurance policy. By contacting Magnolia Insurance, we can assist you to find the right auto package for a stress-free driving experience that is protected.


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Sources: The Seattle Times, Allstate Insurance

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