Is Marshawn Lynch opening up?

It looks like Marshawn Lynch might be approaching his last year as a running back. Also known as Beast Mode, Lynch continues to perform better than ever, getting his longest touchdown run of his career last season (79 yard run, known as Beast Quake 2.0), and still performing as one of the top 5 tier running backs in the NFL for total rushing yards and average carry per rush.

Apart from Beast Mode’s sheer running skills and capabilities, one of his biggest pet peeves is the infiltration of the media. We all saw last season and the previous, cameras and reporters putting up microphones and not able to get a response. However, during the 2015 Super Bowl, we saw a little change when Skittles interviewed Marshawn Lynch:

Perhaps the interviewers asked clever and funny questions they were able to get responses from Beast Mode. But more likely, Skittles fuel the running back, and without them, he might not be with us today.

However, after this commercial, Conan O’ Brian was able to get Marshawn on his show several weeks later:

Even better, Conan set up a mini-end zone full of Skittles for Marshawn Lynch to jump into:

On a side note, Lynch did make a special appearance for a Japanese TV station in 2014, trying various Japanese candies:

Whether it was the Skittles, Conan, or clever interview tactics, Marshawn Lynch has undoubtedly opened up to the media since previous seasons. He enjoys spending time with the family, kicking back, and not dealing with a large audience. Ultimately, no one will determine what Lynch will do — if it’s all about that action, that is all that matters for Seahawk fans.

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Warning: Small businesses are more and more at risk! Importance of insurance.

Recently, the popularity of entrepreneurship has increased over the past 15 years. It is not necessarily a fad, but more of an expression. More people prefer to customize how they work, where they work, when they get to work, and what they work on. While this can seem advantageous, we must realize the current risks involved in this process.

According to “ACE Insured”, small businesses are at risk. Ironically, organizations with or fewer than 20 employees comprise 90% of all business activity in the United States! These businesses are at risk because they are not properly covered against legal expenses, cyber-crime, environmental concerns, and many other liability coverages. While insurance needs can vary by company, it is important to realize the essentials of liability coverage and personal/commercial coverage. In addition, if commercial insurance is covered by a large insurance broker, they are often not as knowledgeable about specific coverages necessary to the client involved. As a result, there are often many gaps and threats left open against commercial businesses.

Some quick facts:

  • 50% of small businesses survive their first five years of operation in the US. Of the ones who failed…
  • $100 billion = the amount businesses pay to settle legal troubles every year.
  • 166% increase in cost of commercial and auto insurance claims between 2009 and 2013.
  • 25% rise in lawsuits relating to workplace harassment since 2006
  • 300% increase in cyberattacks on small businesses since 2012
  • 57% of lawsuits are lodged against companies with revenues below $1 million
  • 40% of businesses fail to reopen after disaster.

So where do these numbers lead us? It shows that business owners, property investors (including contractors, carpenters, and landscapers), and even volunteers need property coverage, general liability, and most importantly, proof of insurance. Cyber protection and liability is particularly on the rise and become a greater risk in the near future; it is important for business owners to have this specific coverage. Volunteer/non-profit organizations cannot attract audience members if they do not have proof of insurance and comprehensive commercial coverage. This is why talking with a personalized agent helps prevent these threats and give you the required and necessary insurance policies for your protection and safety (as well as others). Even better, investing in the proper insurance with personalized agents will actually result in long-term profits and stability.

In summary, the businesses that are currently most at risk from spacey insurance coverages are:

  • Bars, restaurants and retail liquor stores (issuing of liquor/liability risks)
  • Contractors and home repair specialists (damage risks to home/liability)
  • Medical offices, law firms and private shops (health insurance spottiness/liability)
  • Homeowners associations (home insurance risks/commercial home insurance gaps)
  • Real estate investors and property developers (vacant lot coverage, lots that remain vacant during renovations)

We hope you are more convinced that sticking with a personal, specialized agent is the best way to go for your own personal (and possibly commercial) insurance coverage. We want to ensure safety, health, and economic stability!

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Insurance matters in the United States, but does it matter as much in other countries?

In America’s current media industry, commercial advertisements are always popping up, on TV, computers, billboards, planes, and more. In particular, the insurance industry is very prevalent in the media, worrying Americans that if they might lose important assets if they don’t invest in certain types of insurance, or that they aren’t getting the best insurance deals. While Americans question the quality and type of insurance, does insurance matter as much in foreign countries?

According to The Economist, in 2014, 60% of Americans who suffered natural catastrophes (e.g. flooding, hurricanes, etc.) were covered by insurance, while only 8% were insured in Asia. Japan, China, the Philippines, and much of SE Asia highlight several of many countries who suffer from yearly hurricanes, floods, cyclones, sand storms, droughts, tornados, and more. In addition, many Asian countries experience overpopulation, cramming skyscrapers into cities with limited space, increasing the danger and threat of natural disasters. Despite these concerns, many Asian countries disregard the importance of insurance.

Natural and human disasters in the world equaled $101 billion in global economic losses in 2014. Asian countries were responsible for over half of these economic losses.

The lack of insurance in the world is becoming known as “underinsurance”. Similar to the income inequality gap in America, there is an increasing insurance gap in the world– according to the economist, as years progress, the uninsured pay more and more, while the insured pay hardly anything.

So why does insurance not matter as much to those in foreign countries (particularly in Asia)? The economist states that natural disasters are less of a concern than life and health insurance; therefore, those living in other countries choose to invest in the threats they view as more imminent. Perhaps material assets are of less cultural importance to Asian countries, or people who live in third-world countries simply cannot afford monthly premiums, or the insurance programs lack quality assistance and coverage.

Natural and man-made conflicts can happen anywhere in the world, and it is important to invest in insurance for your own safety and economic stabilization.

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