Transitioning: What is Insurance all about?

When the thought of insurance runs through our mind, most of us think of it as a long whirlwind to go down. Insurance to many is viewed as a maze– once you get in, you will not know how to get out. In reality, Insurance behaves in the opposite fashion– it is supposed to work with your lifestyle.

As one advances in their job opportunity and acquires more assets, they often have to expand their insurance policies. For example, when one graduates college, they are often not as economically stable, and simply cannot afford large amounts of insurance. From this conclusion, we can infer that their most important assets – car and health, are top priorities. In addition, most college grads prefer to live away from home, and need to rent an apartment or living space. From driving, to living, to basic health, one will only need auto insurance (basic coverage), health insurance (in case health concerns arise), and renters insurance (to cover assets in rented condo, apt., etc.). When one is able to afford a home, they can look into homeowner’s insurance and drop the renter’s insurance. Insurance is a process that adjusts accordingly with your life, and it is important that you stay up to date about the right insurance by talking with your insurance agent.

The problem with current insurance (in America) is that it is not depicted as a simple process. Moreover, large insurance companies do not make the insurance experience understandable to their clients; they only gain interest by their special deals and offers. In reality, clients don’t know what they are getting their hands into– they do not get proper knowledge from multiple standpoints about the coverage of their insurance policy. Many clients are so uninformed about insurance that they may be paying too much for their premiums without even knowing about it!

This problem brings us to the importance of sticking with a local, personalized agency. By talking with an agent (especially by going into the agency itself), you can obtain a much better understanding of insurance, what certain insurance policies offer, and what you are gaining and missing. Agents help you find the best quality deals that are suitable to you and your needs, whether it means finding an inexpensive policy, a large coverage policy, or something in between. Either way, insurance agents really try to get to know you, and will go out of their way to be kind, respectful, trustworthy, friendly, and knowledgeable.

At Magnolia Insurance, we warmly welcome you to come into the agency any time, just to review your policies, know what each policy covers, stay updated on the news, or just talk with us! We often supply complimentary coffee and pastries– you can stay updated on these social events by finding us on Facebook and Google Plus.

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